How Long Can A Parakeet Live?

While some may think that parrots are expensive, they do not realize how much these little birds can cost! Most people assume that pet store birds have a longer life because they are sold as an adult bird.

However, this is very wrong! Many of these birds are actually bred in captivity and then packaged as an adult. Some even put cream or fat-based lube on the beak to help make it seem like the bird has more control over it! This changes their behavior and makes them feel happier, which allows them to speak more easily.

These practices are harmful for your bird!

Most young birds are born with a layer of feathers around their wings and body called down. This is usually only lost during times of stress, such as when parents separate for a few days. When pets go into shelters, staff members often get rid of all of the animals at once so there’s no chance for any to survive.

A small percentage of birds that are adopted as adults never truly find a home, leading to death by abandonment. These deaths add up quickly, and most poachers just take the animal away without trying to identify who owned it!

Some countries also impose heavy fines and/or prison time for anyone selling a parrot as an older one, so many sellers choose to remain anonymous instead of getting caught.


History of the parakeet

how long can a parakeet live

Many people associate birds with happiness, but not every bird is happy to meet your eye. Some are even stressed out!

Most parrots are not friendly towards strangers. This is their natural instinct – they need time to get comfortable before they let their guard down and trust you.

This is why it can be hard to keep a pet parrot for very long! They will try to avoid or attack anyone who approaches them too much.

If you love animals then keeping a parrot as a companion may be ideal for you. You could look after it for a few hours a day, or even house-sit while its owner travels!

But remember, like any other animal these birds need exercise, toys and food to thrive. Make sure all those things are provided so that it does not feel overworked.

Factors that affect a parakeet’s lifespan

how long can a parakeet live

The length of time your bird will live depends on many different factors. These include how well you take care of it, what kind of feathers it has, if it is breeding season, and its health.

Making sure your bird is eating enough is one of the most important things to do as a owner. A hungry parrot can be very trying for those around it!

If you are ever unsure about whether or not your bird is happy, there are some basic signs you can look for. Make sure to check out our article here on these signs.

You also should make sure to give it adequate exercise by taking it outside for at least an hour every day. Different birds have different levels of activity so try to see what works for yours.

Another factor in how long your parakeet will live is if it is breeding season. Most parrots need to mate to survive. They want to reproduce to create more offspring.

How to properly take care of a parakeet

how long can a parakeet live

It is very important to remember that even though they are called birds, they are not necessarily natural creatures. Birds are designed for flight, and most parrots are no different! They are constantly working in order to be as efficient at flying as possible.

Birds have feathers which help them gain speed while taking off and landing. This is why it is so crucial to give your bird proper grooming time every day. Feathers grow where there is blood under stress or during times of activity.

Feathers also need to be brushed away with a soft brush or combed out using a wide-toothed feather rake. This will prevent mats from forming which could lead to health problems such as choking.

When giving your bird its first bath, do not wet him down more than needed. Let him dry slowly to ensure he does not get waterlogged. Make sure his wings are completely dried before putting him back into his cage.

Parakeet breeders

how long can a parakeet live

As you may have noticed, most parrot breeds require frequent interactive play to stimulate their social instincts. Because birds are so intelligent, they can quickly pick up on your behavior and form strong bonds with you or even another animal if they want to!

If you are thinking about getting a bird as a companion, make sure you discuss potential limitations of these types of animals before bringing home your new friend.

Most importantly, how long can this species live?

The average lifespan for all parrots is around five years, although some individual species are known to outlive that! Some shorter lived species include the cockatiel, which typically lives between one and two years; the budgerigar, which only gets slightly longer at 2-3 years on average; and the conure, which has an extremely short life span of just under a year due to health issues.

These brief lifespans are due to several reasons, such as not being exposed to other older birds who might teach them tricks or get them off of the floor, or lack of nutritional intake. Since many owners leave food laying around unattended, it often goes bad and/or smells badly, making eating difficult.

Sadly, some less healthy diets are also a factor in shortened longevity. Unfortunately, along with those habits come poor dental care, which can cause serious illness later down the line (to speak with veterinarians, do check out our article on what to look for when buying a pet diet!).

Species of parakeet

how long can a parakeet live

There are many different species of parrots, with some being more popular than others. Each has its own characteristics and behaviors.

Many people enjoy owning a pet bird. Birds bring joy to owners’ lives every day!

However, not everyone is able to care for an animal for a long time. This can be due to financial reasons or lack of experience taking good care of birds.

Birds need their space, toys, food, and water in order to thrive and live a happy life. If these things aren’t provided, then the bird may suffer from health issues or even death.

So how long can a parakeet survive? The short answer is quite easily, just like any other mammal or reptile.

You should always check your bird’s appearance, appetite, breathing, and pooping to see if it is healthy. If you notice changes in one of those areas, get medical help immediately!

This article will discuss what factors affect the lifespan of parakeets, as well as tips for ensuring that your bird is living a comfortable life.

Does it matter how old the parakeet is?

how long can a parakeet live

It seems like every person has a story about their beloved bird that lived a very long life. They mention things such as how beautiful the bird was, or how intelligent it was, but none of that matters if it wasn’t there when you needed it.

Just because something is rare doesn’t mean it’s worth keeping. Many people lose track of this in relation to pets.

Age isn’t necessarily a good indicator of whether or not a pet will live a happy, healthy life anymore. Even though older birds may seem frail, some can survive for years!

A one-year-old parrot could be just as likely to suffer from health issues as someone who is five years old. People tend to exaggerate how long animals should live, so don’t feel too guilty if you need to put your animal down due to circumstances beyond your control.

Time and cost

how long can a parakeet live

The average parakeet in the wild lives about one to two years! Some individuals are lucky enough to witness their birds fly away, but most do not.

The lifespan of your bird depends on many different factors. Genetics play an important role too!

Sadly, we can’t predict how long your bird will live, nor can we prevent death due to old age or disease. But there are some things you can do to make your bird survive as long as possible!

You should always supervise your bird and give it appropriate space. If necessary, you could keep it confined to the bedroom for several months until it has learned that it needs to be outside.

After its release, it can learn to cope with other birds and other settings. Unfortunately, some birds are just never able to deal with these changes and so suffer from separation anxiety or depression. This can cause them to become aggressive towards others, or even suicidal.

We also have to consider money when talking about how long parrots can live. Most people agree that captivity is a major factor in shortening a pet bird’s life.

However, some captive bred pets survive longer than ones who are free range because they are more socialized. So although buying a new bird may seem like the better option, this actually contributes to his/her early demise.

Touch and feel times

how long can a parakeet live

It is very important to know how long your parakeet can live depending on what you give it! The average lifespan for most parrots is around five years, but this varies from species to species!

The size of the cage or enclosure, the amount of food they are given, as well as the number and length of time you take to housen them all contribute to their lived being.

Many breeders will tell people that some birds do not like other birds so make sure that your bird does not meet another one while in captivity!

Birds need exercise and interaction with other animals and humans to survive. This is very important to ensure their mental health! Avoid buying any pet at the shelter if possible, instead visit several homes to find the perfect fit.

Avoid buying birds who are very young as they may need more care than older ones. Make an appointment to see the owner of the bird and read reviews before bringing home your new family member.

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