How Long Does A Parakeet Live For?

Most parakeets only live for about two to three years! Unfortunately, most birds are not given the proper care needed to survive longer than this. Some may find it hard to understand why someone would keep buying a new bird every few months unless they planned on keeping it much longer.

Many people get a pet bird when they are young and expect it to live a long time. This is very unfortunate because many times these birds do not receive the right amount of attention as they grow older.

If you plan to give up keeping your bird at around 2-3 years, make sure you discuss possible signs that their life has come to an end with your veterinarian and/or other avian experts. They can tell you what might be warning signs so you will know how to help your bird in his or her final days.

Sadly, some health conditions such as cancer can cause a bird to die within a short period of time.


The lifespan of a parakeet

how long does a parakeet live for

Most people think that when birds are put in a cage they will eventually die of natural causes. This is not true! Many caged birds are fed poor diets or special additives to cause disease, which then weaken their immune systems and make them more susceptible to external factors like bacteria or viruses.

These conditions can be left over food or bedding, heavy metal exposure from toys, or infection from outside sources.

It has been shown that if these things occur within two weeks of death, the bird’s livers become infected and begin producing large amounts of bilirubin. Biliverdin is one of several compounds found in blood that help carry away harmful free radicals (oxygen-based molecules with an unpaired electron) and reduce inflammation.

When enough bilirubin is produced, it binds to other substances in the body and creates a pigment called jaundice. Because most birds have dark colored feathers, this often goes unnoticed until the feather growth stops and the bird is noticed looking less lively.

However, sometimes owners notice changes in behavior or appearance before deciding to have the animal checked out by the vet. Sometimes a parent notices their child seems sickening or acts lethargic and may want to know what could be wrong.

Birds do not usually get cancer as we do, but some types of tumors can produce excessive levels of bilirubin.

Factors that affect a parakeet’s lifespan

how long does a parakeet live for

Certain factors can increase or decrease your bird’s expected life span significantly. These include how well you take care of it, whether or not it is an indoor/outdoor species, and what kind of diet it eats.

The average life expectancy for most parrots is 5 to 7 years. However, some longer-lived types have been known to reach 9 months or even 2 years! This depends very much on the individual parrot as well as their biological condition at birth.

General health conditions such as weight loss, diarrhea, and dehydration are things that can shorten a parakeets’ lifespan. If you notice any of these symptoms, make sure to give your pet immediate medical attention to avoid more serious complications.

Another factor in a parakeet’s longevity is if they are raised indoors or outside. Indoor birds usually live shorter lives than outdoor ones because they do not get adequate exposure to sunlight which helps regulate body temperature.

Furthermore, birds who spend time outdoors are exposed to different predators and other animals that could potentially hurt them.

Cocktail of factors that affect a parakeet’s lifespan

how long does a parakeet live for

Aparks are very social creatures, so make sure to give your bird space to thrive socially. Birds need exposure to other birds in their species to know what is appropriate behavior, so consider taking them outside or letting them fly free in an enclosed area for this.

Birds also require toys and perches to explore their surroundings and engage in interactive play. These should be safe from danger (such as power cords) and comfortable (no dangling wires).

If you notice your bird acting nervous or distressed, take it out immediately and try to figure out why! If possible, keep it somewhere warm and quiet where it can relax. You may want to bring it to the vet to check for health issues.

Some things that could potentially cause death for a parrot include overheating, getting hit by a car, being exposed to too much light, or being placed in areas with no shelter.

Decide if they want a parakeet

how long does a parakeet live for

While some people consider them to be intelligent birds, others say that is because they are trained to perform certain tricks.

Most parrot species can live for 10-20 years in captivity! That is longer than many other bird types like cockatoos or even finches.

However, this doesn’t mean that all parrots are worth keeping as pets.

Many of these birds require frequent attention and cannot handle being alone for long periods of time. This isn’t good if you plan on letting your pet fly away when you do!

Some may also suffer from health issues such as breathing problems and heart conditions.

Care for a parakeet


While some birds can live longer than two years, that is not the case with most pet parrots. Most will spend between six months and two years of their life living happily together before one or both parties pass away.

Most parrot species are able to speak several languages, which makes them very attractive to individuals who enjoy language learning.

However, just like people, individual birds have different levels of intelligence. Some learn new words quickly while others may need more time to understand what you say.

Just because a bird doesn’t seem to be understanding something you said does not mean it didn’t take in the information. Sometimes, it takes them simply looking at you with its eyes to figure out how to respond!

When taking care of a parrot, make sure to give it appropriate toys so that it can explore and strengthen its vocal cords.

Teach your kids about parakeets

how long does a parakeet live for

As mentioned before, most parrot species live for around 10-15 years! However, this can vary depending on what kind of bird you have.

Some birds are known to live longer than this due to having healthier lives due to their breed.

Most parrots are not very intelligent, which is another reason why they do not live as long as other birds. Because of this, many owners get rid of their pet when it no longer teaches them anything new.

Not only that, but some people believe that older birds become less interesting to watch so they let their pet go. All these reasons contribute to pets being put down early.

Avoid using violence towards animals is one of the main ways to help prevent this from happening. Instead, try to be gentle with your animal so it does not feel threatened or stressed out. This will also make them want to stay more often!

If your dog gets along well with other dogs then there is no need to keep it a cat owner. Many shelters cannot place restrictions on an animal’s future home because they like living in homes with other dogs.

Create a pet sanctuary


While some may consider parrots expensive, they are not! They can cost around $100 for a young bird that is able to talk already!

Sadly, most parrot owners look at their birds as more than just pets but decorations instead. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s just you have to make sure your animal has a good home after its time with you is over.

Many people don’t realize how many hours parrots need to sleep every day. Some take only short naps during the night, while others stay awake all night long without any rest!

This article will tell you how long different breeds of parrots sleep, what factors determine this length of sleep, and what you can do to help them get the rest they need.

Parakeets and humans can live together

how long does a parakeet live for

There are many websites and blogs that discuss how to take care of your parrot for both health and happiness. These sites cover everything from nutritional needs, to tips on what breeds are more interactive with other birds, to ways to stimulate their speech.

Many people talk about how much socialization is important for any bird, but none emphasize it as much as talking about life expectancy.

A parrot’s lifespan varies depending on genetics, breed, environment, and diet. However, most pet parrots live at least five years in healthy conditions. Even if they seem “old” at times, chances are they will continue living a happy, active life.

Why? Because birds are very adaptive animals! They will always try to find new settings and environments in which to thrive.

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