How Long Do Parakeets Live As Pets?

While some parakeet breeders will tell you that your bird’s life can be very short, this is not always the case! Many birds live longer than what most people assume.

Many parrot owners underestimate how long their pet spends in sleep at night. Some believe that because their bird seems awake and active during the day that it must be sleeping well, but actually it may be suffering from insomnia.

When dogs or cats are asleep, they are no longer consuming food which can cause weight loss. For birds who eat frequent amounts of food, this can easily be overlooked.

Another way to look for signs of health problems is by checking the feathers- They may look beautiful and floristic, but check out how thick each feather is! A thin layer of protective skin means the bird has to spend more time taking care of itself, which can lead to health issues.

If your bird is showing any of these symptoms, speak with your veterinarian about whether or not it is healthy for your family to keep it as a companion animal.

Biological factors that affect bird health

how long do parakeets live as pets

Certain biological factors can contribute to birds’ death due to illness or old age. These include nutritional deficiencies, infectious diseases, and physical stressors like overheating.

In fact, one of the biggest reasons why parrots in particular may appear sick is because they are not eating enough. This can be caused by several things: hunger induced anorexia, digestive issues such as diarrhea or constipation, or lack of interest in food. [Source]

If your bird is showing signs of depression or anxiety, it could be related to nutritional deficiency. Nutrient deficient diets sometimes cause emotional changes in animals, including behavioral problems and weight loss.

So what are the top dog foods for most species? Unfortunately, no specific pet food is considered superior across the board! Most brands claim their product is best for certain conditions, but none clearly state which ones are the most important.

Social factors that affect bird health

how long do parakeets live as pets

The age of your parrot can have an effect on how well it is doing socially. Birds are animals, like us, so they need social interaction for mental wellness.

Birds that are not interacting with other birds may suffer from depression or anxiety. This could be due to lack of companionship or fear of new experiences.

If you notice changes in behavior or moods, talk to your bird about what you’ve seen!

It’s very important to make sure their food is appropriate and nutritional, and to give them adequate exercise. If needed, consult a veterinarian regarding possible underlying medical conditions.

History of parakeet popularity

how long do parakeets live as pets

Before there were flocks of colorful, talking birds in people’s homes, most species of parrots lived solitary lives. Most parrot species are not very social and do not live long time spent interacting with other birds or humans.

That is why it is so surprising to learn how popular some parrot breeds have become!

Many people enjoy keeping these bird species as pets. These owners typically house their pet in a room that has adequate space for toys and perches, and give them access to food and water.

Some even let the birds fly free outside the home!

However, despite all this attention, many dogs still out-compete parrots for food and playtime. This can sometimes make parrots feel insecure or even threatened.

When this happens, unhappy parrots may resort to biting or nipping at the dog to gain their respect. Unfortunately, some cats also compete with birds for love and attention, leading to similar results.

Dog bites and cat scratches can both damage a parrot’s health, but only if the wounds are infected. If you must take your pet away because they hurt another animal, then make sure to check whether there are any signs of infection before leaving.

Sadly, some breeders cut corners when rehoming old parrots to prevent more animals from being adopted.

History of parakeet ownership

how long do parakeets live as pets

While many people enjoy owning birds as pets, not all species are an ideal choice. Unfortunately, due to most bird species’ very short lifespans, this can sometimes be difficult to realize.

Most parrots only live around three to five years in captivity! This is quite some time for humans to invest into something that does not necessarily want your attention every minute of the day.

Sadly, most parrot owners find it hard to keep their birds happy for such a limited amount of time. They may lack the necessary toys and enrichment materials that help promote healthy mental and physical growth.

Fortunately, there are ways to know how long parakeets will last as a pet before they need to be put down. By being aware of certain factors, you can make sure that your bird has a good life until he or she is no longer able to function independently.

These include: health issues, behavioral problems, and lack of socialization. All of these can negatively affect your bird’s quality of life and mood, which both you and it should not suffer from for too long.

The housing situation

how long do parakeets live as pets

While some people keep their birds in an aquarium-style enclosure, this is not the best environment for most parrots. Birds need access to trees and branches outside of the cage so they can explore and exercise their wings.

If you choose to house your bird in such an enclosure, make sure it has adequate shelter to protect from the weather and allow for nesting.

Furthermore, try to find a breeder who owns at least two birds of the same species to ensure that his or her offspring are socialized with other similar birds. This will help guarantee happiness for your new pet!

Never buy a bird from a seller that only displays love for its own kind. Such individuals may leave you with no choice but to give up because they are not able to take care of them otherwise.

Breeders usually spend several weeks to months training newly purchased birds before putting them out as companions. Make sure to check this out thoroughly before buying!’

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Bullet point: Stranger danger

Some things that can easily frighten away even happy birds include moving cars, loud noises, unfamiliar people, and changes in home surroundings.

Make sure to address any underlying issues before trying to reintroduce those behaviors.

Care of parakeets

how long do parakeets live as pets

Like most other birds, they need to exercise and learn how to flock together and take flight. Because they are small fliers, there’s an emphasis on indoor settings when letting your bird fly free.

Since many people get new pet birds at around three months old, it is important to know how long that bird will live as a companion animal. The average lifespan for a cockatiel in a proper home environment is five years!

Sadly, not every owner provides appropriate care for their bird which could be the cause of death. Sometimes poor health or even illness can contribute to early mortality.

If you are looking to adopt a bird who has already found its forever family, do some research first to make sure this person gave their bird adequate medical attention and that they were able to satisfy their needs.

It’s also very helpful to read about different breeds so you know what kind of health problems may exist with your potential bird.

Problems with parakeets

how long do parakeets live as pets

Unfortunately, like any other species, there are issues with how to care for parrots. More serious problems require veterinary attention, but even simple things such as poor nutrition or lack of exercise can be the downfall of your bird.

Problems with parakeet diets include nutritional deficiencies, digestive tract disorders, and obesity. When you notice changes in activity level, appetite, breathing, or drooling, it is important to take your birds to see a veterinarian.

Obesity may cause health complications due to weight gain putting additional stress on heart, liver, and kidney function. Similarly, respiratory difficulties occur when excess fat clogs up the feathers and trachea.

Given that most people who have dogs and cats also feed them dry food and give them regular exercise, it seems pretty obvious what types of foods are needed for parrots!

Fortunately, most avian veterinarians will work with you to find an appropriate diet for your bird. They may suggest changing the type of food, altering the amount, or both.

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