How To Tell If Your Leopard Gecko Is Happy?

Leopards are one of the most famous lovable reptiles! They make great pets because they are very active, interesting to watch, and require little space to live in.

Leopard geckos come in many different colors; some have been known to be almost every color you can think of! This makes it hard to tell which ones are not happy with their surroundings or with other leopards around them.

If you look at your lizard and it looks like it is trying really hard to hide somewhere or under something, that could be a sign that it does not feel comfortable there. It may also try to go away from you and other lizards. Or maybe it just appears to be quiet and calm, but is hiding or looking down more often than before.

This article will talk about how to tell if your leopard gecko is unhappy or stressed out due to changes, such as moving into a new environment or being separated form his/her partner or litter mates.

Observe their posture

how to tell if your leopard gecko is happy

Are they sitting with their legs crossed? Or are they curled up in a tight ball? If so, you may have given them enough toys and space, but they’re still looking for more!

Leopard geckos will spend time exploring new areas or playing with toys, but as soon as they find a comfortable resting place, they’ll switch off the search mode and settle down.

If you notice your leo is not engaged in any activity and his nose is drooping, he might be feeling stressed or tired. He could also be trying to communicate something to you, like needing food or playtime!

Never force your lizard to interact when she doesn’t want to, even if it’s just for a few minutes. A bored reptile can turn nasty quickly, especially during mating season. Avoid putting pressure on her by giving her what she needs and then let her take care of herself.

Look for them to be active

how to tell if your leopard gecko is happy

If you are able to make your leopard gecko look by its eyes, then it is likely that he/she does not feel well about something. They will try to close their eye as much as possible when you look at them or ask them to sit up.

Geckos have very good vision, so they do not need closed eyelids to see anything, but when they are feeling stressed or tired, they use this mechanism to conserve energy.

When they are older, leopards can develop fur around their mouths which they use to cover themselves in a way to help preserve their self-image.

Ask them how they are feeling


Are its eyes bright? Does it seem playful or energetic? If so, then your leopard gecko is probably just hungry or thirsty at this time!

Try holding it for a few minutes before checking again. Chances are it will eat when it’s able to be hungry again soon.

If you notice that it has dulled eye color or looks sleepy, try giving it some water. A healthy gecko should drink around half of its body weight in one sitting. You can also give it an empty food bowl to check whether it is eating something else.

Sadly, if all these attempts fail then there may not be much you can do except make sure it gets fed and watered as soon as possible.

Provide more space for them to move around

how to tell if your leopard gecko is happy

This may be difficult to do, as most geckos like very small spaces they are in. They prefer tight quarters so that they cannot get away from you!

If your leopard gerbil or golden molerat is acting nervous or stressed out of their enclosure then it is time to give them some extra room to explore and play.

Ensure there are at least two free-moving levels in their enclosure (not just one tall wall) with lots of hiding places suchas cardboard boxes, old towels, etc. Give them several hours every day to enjoy this new environment.

Let it go to the bathroom

how to tell if your leopard gecko is happy

If you are able to observe your leopard geckos going to the restroom, then they must be doing well. An actively moving lizard indicates that he or she is happy with their environment.

Geckos spend up to half of their day exploring their surroundings by walking around, hopping from plant leaf to plant leaf, or even climbing plants. When they need to take a break, they will usually find an area where there’s some sun exposure and drop off to sleep.

Watch for signs of illness

how to tell if your leopard gecko is happy

Leopard geckos typically do not suffer from too much internal stress, unless something significant happens like being moved or having to give birth. If you notice your leo is acting lethargic and is refusing to eat or drink, it may be because they are suffering from health issues such as vitamin deficiencies, parasite infestations, or pain.

It’s important to check for any visible symptoms before making assumptions about how happy or unhappy your lizard is. Also, make sure their surroundings are appropriate for their environment — perhaps moving them to ensure they have adequate shelter and food.

If possible, take your reptile outside for some activity so that they can explore and move around. For more information on what traits are indicative of healthy lizards, see our article: What You Can Do To Help Save The Planet As An Animal Lover.

Do they hiss or growl?

The color of your leopard gecko will tell you a lot about how happy she is with her surroundings. If she looks like she has found a place that makes her feel comfortable, then she must be fine!

Leo’s tend to have darker colored tails than other colors. This is due to their higher melanin levels which help protect them from external factors such as predators.

If your lizard doesn’t seem quite as lively, try giving her some more time to get used to her environment before checking for behavioral changes.

Is it eating enough?

how to tell if your leopard gecko is happy

If you check your leopard geckos’ mouth every few hours, then make sure they are consuming at least 1/2 cup of food per one-half pound of body weight.

Geckos that seem hungry usually eat by picking off pieces of their prey or ingesting insects in between meals.

When they appear sluggish or look like they are not moving as quickly through their activities, this may indicate that they are not getting adequate nutrition.

They can get away with being less active for an hour or two because most species spend some time sleeping during the night. However, lizards need nutritional balance to function properly and grow so making sure they are eating is important!

What kind of diet is best for captive leopards? Almost any type of meat, chicken eggs, fish, etc… should be edible to almost all lizard species.

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