Kuttram 23 Movie Review, Rating, Story – An Brilliant Cop had Big Openning

Kuttram 23 Movie Review, Rating, Story

Kuttram 23 Movie Reviews: The hero and heroine of this brilliant cop story line had Arun Vijay and Mahima Nambiar. It is the Arivazhagan Venkatachalam directional film under the bankroll of Indra Kumar and Arun Vijay.  Vishal Chandrasekhar has done ever best by using his tunes for Songs and Background drops. Cinematographer of this most successful movie of Arun Vijay is Bhaskaran K.M. Apart the leads, Aravind Akash and Thambi Ramaiah played in the important role.

Kuttram 23 Movie Review, Rating, Story

Kuttram 23 Movie Review, Rating, Story

Kuttram 23 Story Plot: Kuttram 23 is a crime thriller which is mixed with love and family based emotions and sentiments of a cop. There are series of deaths have taken place in and around Chennai where the deaths are confused between murder and suicide, but as a brilliant cop arun vijay manages to find that the deaths are murders. In one of the death that took place in church, mahima comes as the first person to report the incident to police, as arun vijay interrogates mahima, they fall in love with each other.

Arun Vijay’s sister-in-law (Abhinaya) who was married five years ago, she was blamed that she can not be able to give a successor of that home. After checking with a doctor, they found that Amit (Arun Vijay’s brother) was not capable of becoming a father but still they can go for artificial insemination. Unfortunately, Abhinaya dies by hanging herself with the baby in her womb due to some complication. As an honest cop and a dutiful son finding the reason behind the deaths of Abhinaya and the other murders that have been happening and the connection between the murders and the reason behind those are the remaining story.

Kuttam 23 Review

All over the story is full of twists and thrills where we can’t be able to guess what may come next which makes the film interesting to watch. The “Pori Vaithu” song which comes when Vettri and Thendral were in loves is a treat for ears, and the combination of music and lyrics by Viveka is a wonderful mix.

Kuttram 23 Rating

The brilliant cop scored big marks in the Arun Vijay’s Cinema career. All the critic reviewers have scored this film 3 to 3.5 out of 5. For General Audience, the film is the worth for money and their time. The directional, background music of the film had the big appreciation. Still, after a week of release, the film running successfully on Theatres around Tamil Nadu and the film also recognised with the regional Box Office collection. The Film was made in 45 days under the budget of Rs. 3.5 Crore. Due to the biggest hit in the Box Office, the film earned big profit.

Kuttram 23 Latest Update – Super Star Praised the Film

Thalaivar Rajini Kanth, who watched the latest cop thriller in his busy schedule and praises on the actor. Also, congratulated him for his matured performance in the Kuttram 23. “Thalaivar called! Congratulated on my matured performance n body language.. he loved da concept & making. His actual words ‘you proved it..’.” Arun Vijay posted on his Twitter page.

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