Kutty Story Movie Review: Four Stories Says Man-Woman Relationships

Kutty Story Movie
Kutty Story Movie

Kutty Story Movie: Kutty Story is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language anthology film, consisting of four short film segments directed by Gautham Menon, Vijay, Venkat Prabhu and Nalan Kumarasamy and produced by Ishari K. Ganesh under the banner of Vels Film International. The movie was scheduled to get release for this Valentine’s day special on 12th February 2021.

The film features Gautham Menon, Amala Paul, Vinoth Kishan, Amitash Pradhan, Megha Akash, Sunaina, Varun, Sakshi Agarwal, Vijay Sethupathi and Aditi Balan in the lead roles. This Kutty Story itself has four short films titled Edhirpaara Muththam, Avanum Naanum, Lokham and Aadal Paadal directed by Goutham Vasudev Menon, AL Vijay, Venkat Prabhu and Nalan Kumarasamy respectively.

Kutty Story Movie
Kutty Story Movie

Initially, the team was scheduled to release these four titles as short films. Later, they all combined and planned for theatre release by combining all the short films as one film under the title Kutty Love Story. The music for the film was composed by Karthik, Madhu. R, Premgi Amaren and Edwin Louis.


Kutty Story Story Plot

Kutty Story film revolves around four different love stories directed by different directors. GVM’s movie Amala Paul, Goutham Vasudev Menon and Vinoth Kishan plays the major role where they were college friends. In a meet up, Amala Paul was kissed by her college friend, where she was already married and settled in abroad. What will happen next is the story line in which Robo Shankar plays a friend role.

In Vijay’s Avanum Nanum, Megha Aakash and Amitash Pradhan plays the major role. The story revolves around Mega Akash, college student who got pregnant. She informed her boyfriend from that who was not reachable. She went for an abortion with her friend. What does heroine decide and what are the problems arose because of her decision is the story.

Kutty Story Movie
Kutty Story Movie

In Venkat Prabhu’s Lokham, a gamer falls in love with fellow gamer in a video game and tries to trace her in the real life. Whether he finds her and she was seems to be the same and accept him is the story line of this film.

In Nalan Kumarasamy’s Aadal Paadal, Vijay Sethupathi and Aditi Balan plays the major role. The story revolves around the couple and the stress comes when wife came to understand that her husband is cheating on her. Vijay Sethupathi has given his impressive performance as usual.

Kutty Story Review

Kutty Story movie is getting positive reviews everywhere. Goutham Vasudev Menon, Vijay Sethupathi, Amala Paul, Megha Akash, Sakshi Agarwal rocks in their roles and gave impressive performance. The rating of this Kutty Story movie will be 4/5.

Thus Kutty Story will be the best movie for the week to enjoy this Valentine holidays as it says all about man-woman relationships in this decade. Celebrate the weekend by watching this movie in theatres with your love, friends and family.

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