Mama, Make your Mini-You Look Like Cinderella on her Birthday

The little princess is now so excited about her birthday and she starts to plan what will her mama cook, what will she wear and who will she invite. Everything is being planned by her. Will mama allow her on what she likes on her seventh birthday?

Celebrating birthdays in today’s generation is a must for little children. Everyone is waiting for this big day for the little prince or little princess especially when she turns one, two, three until she reaches grade school around seven years old. It is considered a very memorable occasion for him/her.

Every child has different likes and dislikes. One may like to just blow the candles on a cake with Disney figurines and prints, while wearing her beautiful dress whereas one wants to just go to the park and have a picnic. Some children, who have grown up with parties would definitely want a birthday party, with her wearing her fabulous Cinderella like dress and will even insist on wearing the flower girl dress she wore during her aunt’s wedding.

Shopping has been made easier over the years due to the advancements in technology. Mom can now shop for beautiful children’s dresses which may include casual dresses, fashion dresses and flower girl dresses online without stepping out of the house. She can also invite her little girl to sit with her while browsing online sites for beautiful dresses and they can decide together which would be the best dress to wear. If there is still an ample time, this would be easier for them as they can place a customized order for dresses according to the little girl’s measurements.

Meanwhile, mom, with her lovely daughter, can also go to the malls to try on some dresses, as well as, to shop for her sparkling shoes and jewelries (tiara, earrings, necklace or bracelet). Going out of the house will also be helpful during the planning process as the little princess will be able to find shops for cakes or pastries and mom can just order her preferred cake with all the Disney figurines and have it delivered during the birthday party.

To make it a Cinderella themed birthday party, you can decorate the venue with balloons printed with Disney characters, place a photobooth at the entrance or in a space where it is favorable for picture takings. An invitation can also be distributed to close friends and family members emphasizing the costume needed for the party. You can ask them to wear long special occasion dresses, which includes evening dresses and prom dresses. In addition, it will also be more fun party if mama will invite or hire a clown to make the kids not bored during the celebration. This will also allow the children to participate in the activities.

When everything’s set for the birthday party, you can now surprise your daughter, dressed in her fabulous ball gown fairytale inspired dress, on her grand entrance.

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