Reliance Enters Food Industry: Joins hands with UK’s famous Bread a Manger

Reliance Enters Food Industry

Reliance Brands Limited, a part of Reliance Group, has signed an agreement with Britain’s famous international food and coffee chain Bread a Manger. The agreement is for franchisees to operate Bread A Manger stores in India.

Pret a Manger is a French word meaning ‘ready to eat’. The first store of Bread a Manger was opened in London in 1986. The shop was opened with the aim of making handmade food fresh daily. After 35 years, Bread a Manger has around 550 branches in 9 markets like America, UK, Europe and Asia. Organic coffee, sandwiches, salads etc are sold here.

Reliance Enters Food Industry

In this case, Reliance Brand Limited Company, which has been marketing international products for more than 14 years in India, has entered into an agreement regarding the franchising of branches of Bread A Manger in India.

Commenting on this, Darshan Mehta, Managing Director, Reliance Brands Limited said, “Our partnership with Bread a Muncher is deeply rooted in both India’s food and beverage industry and Bread as a brand. RPL is keeping a close eye on the pulse of Indian consumers. Awareness about what we eat has increased. Indians have started looking for fresh and organic foods. It is similar to what Bread a Manger has to offer. This is undoubtedly a recipe for success,” he said.

Commenting on the deal, Pano Cristo, Chief Executive Officer of Bread a Manger said, “Two decades ago, we opened the first store of Bread in Asia.

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