8 flights in 3 weeks in trouble – notice to SpiceJet


The Civil Aviation Authority has issued a notice to the airline seeking an explanation regarding the technical glitches in the SpiceJet flights.

Spice jets have had 8 problems in the last three weeks. The flights continue to take off and make emergency landings after mid-air malfunctions are discovered. A flight from Delhi to Dubai landed in Karachi due to a suspected fuel leak.

8 flights in 3 weeks in trouble

Similarly, a SpiceJet flight from Kandla to Mumbai made an emergency landing in Mumbai due to a cracked windscreen. Similarly, a cargo plane from Kolkata to China returned to Kolkata due to a radar malfunction. In the last 3 weeks, 8 SpiceJet flights were found to have malfunctioned mid-air and made emergency landings.

In the same day, there was a problem in three flights of the company, the Air Transport Commission sent a notice asking for an explanation.

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