Why Does My Cat Meow When I Sneeze?

Sometimes, your cat will make a funny face or do something strange after you sneeze. This can be cute to watch, but it also may mean that he feels uncomfortable for you or even worried about you.

If this is the case, then it’s important to determine what was making him concerned or nervous. Also known as diagnostic behavior, these behaviors help identify problems and indicate possible issues.

It is very common for cats to show some sort of reaction when we are around or interact with them or other animals.

Sometimes they become frightened or anxious due to external factors like new people, changes at home, or outside life events (like moving). If this is the case, then those things need to change, but trying to eliminate the source of the fear is often not effective.

At times, an older, more experienced feline may feel threatened by a younger one, or there could be territorial reasons why your cat is acting up. Or maybe his litter box isn’t working properly and he needs to go somewhere else.

Whatever the reason, if you notice your cat reacting negatively to someone or something, try to reduce the stress for him. By changing the situation, or eliminating the cause altogether, he should stop being stressed out.

You may be doing something that makes her feel uncomfortable

why does my cat meow when i sneeze

Sometimes, when you are awake or lying down, your body does things by instinct. Yours is to sneeze or cough, for example!

Some things can actually physically hurt your cat. If she feels like she needs to do this, then she will try other strategies instead.

It’ll be very important to determine what is making your cat nervous so you can either fix it or get rid of it.

There could be medical reasons why she is reacting this way, but more likely than not, it’s just because she doesn’t like you at the moment.

Whatever situation we’re talking about here, one thing’s for sure – if your cat isn’t trying to attack you, she’s probably feeling insecure.

That’s no good, especially in cases where she might need extra love due to some health issues.

You could be allergic to something

why does my cat meow when i sneeze

Although sneezing is funny, for your cat it may not be! If your cat seems unusually interested in you when you are having an allergy attack, it can sometimes help to identify what might be causing the symptoms.

It’s important to note that cats aren’t very good at identifying their own allergies. That is why there are several ways to determine if your dog has food or environmental sensitivities.

But as we know, dogs are much smarter than cats, so it makes sense to look into whether your kitty has any signs of aller-related diseases like cough, runny nose, and skin problems.

If you notice anything strange with Bianca, talk to your doctor about possible allergens.

There may be a parasite

why does my cat meow when i sneeze

Many people believe that your cat will try to get rid of an airborne virus by spraying it with saliva, but this is not true!

This theory was perpetuated in the media a few years ago when some reported that their cats would wake up after being asleep and immediately start sneezing or coughing. Some even said that their kitty tried to spray them with its spit!

It is very important to note that there are many different types of parasites that can infect humans. Only one of these includes animals as hosts. Thus, only one type of infection is related to sprayed mucus.

That type of parasite is called a mite. Mites live in other organisms’ bodies and feed off of the host’s resources. In the case of a human body, they use our blood as food.

If you find yourself thinking about why your cat seems so bothered by your cold, consider looking at his/her fur for signs of parasitic illness. If you do see any kind of rash, run to the nearest veterinarian right away!

Question: What are parasites?

For the sake of consistency, let’s review what we learned about diseases in general before moving onto something more specific.
A disease (or condition) is anything that makes your body or someone else’s body hurt or fail to work properly.

Diseases usually cause symptoms and unfortunately, some have no known cause.

There could be a behavioral reason

why does my cat meow when i sneeze

While some cats seem to enjoy watching you sneeze, most are not into it for another reason. Some individuals feel that your nose will get wet when you sneeze, which can bring on feelings of hunger for their cat.

Some believe that this is an effective way to satisfy her food cravings! This may actually be what’s happening with your cat when she meows during a sneezy episode.

It has been noted that many times when we eat something we like, our body starts producing hormones in order to make us want more of that substance. As we know, humans sometimes experience eating related mood swings or emotions while they’re feeding themselves, so why would animals be any different?

For example, if someone likes milk then they’ll start to produce more estrogen in order to help them feel better and have more appetite for it. (This happens in humans too!) So, even though there’s nothing nutritional about the air you breathe, having an appetite makes your body feel healthier, at least temporarily.

She may be trying to tell you that she needs to go to the vet

why does my cat meow when i sneeze

Sometimes, your cat will do something very odd or funny before she needs help or treatment. As humans often say, her behavior made us wonder if there was something up!

If your cat is acting strangely when you are around, it’s important to look out for signs of illness or pain. Your pet could be trying to let you know that she needs medical care by going through some significant changes.

It’s totally normal for your beloved kitty to show symptoms like anxiety, fear, or discomfort when you are sick or injured.

Fortunately, most cats can sense when someone is having trouble breathing, so they might use this as an opportunity to check themselves out. This can mean sitting next to you and being licked all over while you breathe heavily, or rolling onto their back and looking at them with those big eyes.

Cat owners sometimes feel compelled to make sure their pets are eating and drinking, which is why you should pay attention to how your feline friend is behaving.

You may need to get her to the vet immediately

why does my cat meow when i sneeze

If your cat is constantly looking at you with those big, hungry eyes after you sneeze, it might be because she feels compelled to watch you breathe out really hard.

This is sometimes referred to as respiratory distress or cough syncope. It can actually be deadly for your feline companion if left untreated!

If your cat starts acting abnormally soon after you’ve had a cold or flu, take her to the vet right away.

You may need to get her checked for diseases

why does my cat meow when i sneeze

While most cats will look concerned when you are having a bad day, it is important to note that some behaviors are much more serious than mere fussing or concern. For example, if your cat seems distracted while you’re sneezing, it could be because she has noticed something strange about your skin or mucus.

If your cat suddenly looks very interested in your mouth, this could mean she has detected an unfamiliar flavor or odor. If so, she might try to lick it out, which can be uncomfortable for both of you.

Furthermore, if she starts rubbing against you or your clothes, this could indicate she has picked up another scent.

Finally, if she appears distressed, tries to escape, or acts aggressive towards other animals, then you should take her to the vet right away.

It’s also worth mentioning that although most cats enjoy being petted and loved, this isn’t always the case. Some individuals are just not particularly good with pets, which can sometimes result in behavioral issues.

Try to identify the source of the smell

why does my cat meow when i sneeze

Even if your cat doesn’t seem bothered by the sneezy scent, they may not like the way it smells. If you feel that your kitty is reacting negatively to the nose sniffing, try to determine what might be causing the odor.

Is there something in the air she can’t stand? Is there an animal or bacterial disease present? Sometimes a simple check for parasites will eliminate the need to perform more invasive tests.

Certain foods cause vomiting and diarrhea, which both have strong odors. Make sure your dog or cat isn’t suffering from these symptoms and see if their eating habits are different than normal.

If you think your cat has ingested something harmful, take her to the hospital immediately![1]

Drinking too much water can result in urine that contains red blood cells. This happens when cats bruise or break bones as they move around. A frequent occurrence would be when they get hit while running away from a threat.

When this occurs, they must drink lots of liquid to process all the blood. Unfortunately, some of this fluid gets expelled as pee, creating the blood-smelling substance called hematuria.

This article about why does my cat meow when i sneeze could also discuss how to prevent your pet from getting sick. More information about identifying potential health problems can be found here.

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