Big Boss Tamil: Again Julie starts her acting against Oviya

Big Boss Tamil: Again Julie starts her acting against Oviya

Big Boss Tamil: In yesterday episode Kamal Hassan exposes Julie’s lies by broadcast a short video and saves Oviya for her honesty. But Julie did not accept her mistake and said to transmit the video 5 seconds before. From the advice of family members, she admits her mistakes and asks sorry to everyone in the house even to Oviya. She said I was afraid to lose my family members, so I said lie and ask forgiveness from Kamal Hasaan and family members. After that Namitha eliminated from the show and bid goodbye to everyone.

Big Boss Tamil: Again Julie starts her acting against Oviya

Julie’s Acting

In today’s’ episode Julie again starts her acting against Oviya, when oviya tried to convince her and said to speak the truth. Julie ignores oviya and walk out without replying.

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Including the family members like Gayathri, Julie and Sakthi did not believe Oviya and still opposed to her. While Aarav, Snehan, sometime Vaiyaburi, Ganesh Venkatram and Raiza are did not troll oviya after yesterday’s incident.

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After sometime, Gayathri and Julie were in the bedroom, and Julie again said that I told a lie because I don’t want to lose my family members. While Oviya was asking why you are always like this, you did not accept your mistake. If you do like this again means peoples cannot take you. But Julie did not give attention to Oviya and sang ” Chillax” song to troll her. So, Oviya said your bodyguard cannot always be with you keep that in mind. But, Julie did not care and laughing.

So, Today’s episode gone very interesting. Oviya got so many fans because of her Brave, Love, Expressions, and Boldness that she expressed in Big Boss. Most of the peoples want Oviya to be the winner. Stay tuned for more updates about Big Boss.

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