Cat Making Noise While Sleeping

Sleeping cats is a very popular meme format that has been around for several years. Typically, sleeping cats are photographed or filmed while sleeping, then an audible noise is added in to make it humorous.

The most common sounds added in to cat sleeping footage are baby noises, meow sounds, and bird chirping. These are used to make it seem as if the cat is dreaming of chasing mice, being playful with its meows, or chasing birds through the grass.

Sleeping cats can be very relaxing and soothing for viewers, which is why this meme format is so popular. It can be fun to see what your cat dreams of!

This article will discuss how to take pictures of your cat sleeping so that you can later add in sounds or move the image to make a funny meme.

Cat breathing noises

cat making noise while sleeping

When your cat is sleeping and you can hear her breathing, it may be harder to determine if she is sleeping or not. Many people say if they can hear their cat breathing, they know she is sleeping.

Cats typically sleep for twelve to sixteen hours a day. Because they are animals, their bodies instinctively know when to sleep and for how long.

When your cat is awake and alert, her body uses more energy. Because of this, she needs to sleep for longer periods of time to recharge her energy reserves.

Sleeping patterns can vary between cats too. Some cats may be genetically predisposed to sleeping more than others. Gender also plays a role in how much a cat sleeps; male cats usually sleep more than females do.

If you notice your cat changing their sleeping patterns, don’t be too concerned unless there’s a reason for it.

Possible reasons why your cat is making noise while sleeping

cat making noise while sleeping

As mentioned before, cats may meow or cry while sleeping as a way to communicate their desires. Most of the time, they desire food or attention, which is why they dream of taking food from their dreams.

However, there are some reasons why your cat may be meowing in its sleep that are not so normal. These include sicknesses and nightmares.

If your cat is meowing in its sleep a lot, it may be a sign of an anxiety disorder. When this is the case, the best thing to do is give your cat some extra attention and love when it is awake.

This is because when cats are anxious or stressed, their body produces more cortisol. This hormone actually causes them to forget how to meow! It’s kind of like how we forget how to walk when we’re nervous.

Anxiety can be caused by many things including genetics, past experiences, stress, among other things.

How to help your cat stop snoring

cat making noise while sleeping

If your cat snores, you may be compelled to try and help him or her stop. While it is not necessarily an unhealthy behavior, it can be annoying for you and other pets or people in the household.

Some cats may snore because of congestion caused by allergies. If you notice your cat snores when he or she has a bout of allergies, then this is probably the cause.

If you have your cat seen by a vet, they may suggest giving him or her anti-allergy medication. This can be administered orally or via injection, depending on the severity of the allergy.

Other ways to help your kitty stop snoring include reducing weight, increasing exercise, and promoting better sleep habits.

Tips to help your cat stop snoring

If your cat snores, you should be concerned. Although it is funny to watch, it could be a sign of something more serious. Respiratory issues can be triggered by weight gain or obesity, so watching for snoring is important.

Parasympathetic nervous system dysfunction can also cause snoring. This is when the neurons that control the parasympathetic nervous system malfunction, causing involuntary muscle movements.

Removing food additives like preservatives and changing the type of food can help reduce snoring. Being trained in veterinary nutrition, I recommend raw or cooked diets with high-quality protein and limited grains and fillers.

You can try making your cat sleep on his or her side by using supplies at the vet clinic: padded restraints. This will help them breathe better and not roll over into their belly, which they prefer.

Ask your veterinarian for recommendations

cat making noise while sleeping

If you are very concerned about the welfare of your cat, you should ask your veterinarian for recommendations. They will know the personalities of their clinic cats and what kind of fits they put up with.

They will also know the temperament of the cats they spay or neuter and how they handle being separated from their owners. This is important because you want to bring home a cat that enjoys its independence but also wants some companionship.

If you are not comfortable asking your veterinarian, then ask for a referral. There may be volunteer groups that help place pets in new homes and they may have some tips for vetting new pets. They may even do home checks to make sure the pet is happy and safe.

Once you find your new pet, take some time to get to know each other before letting him or her into the room with the litter box. Make sure to keep an eye on them while they are investigating their new home so you can notice if they are acting shy or nervous.

Try adjusting their sleeping position

cat making noise while sleeping

If your cat is sleeping on their back and making noise, try turning them over to their side. If they are on their stomach, have them face up instead of down.

Some cats feel more comfortable sleeping in certain positions, so try all of these options if the first does not work.

While it may seem silly, sometimes just getting them in a different position can help stop the meows!

Sleeping positions can be very specific for cats, so it is probably best to ask an expert how they like to sleep. Or perhaps you are an expert after reading this article!

Of course, if they are meowing in their sleep because of a nightmare or something else bothering them, this may not fix the problem. But maybe it will help reduce the length of time they are meowing.

Make them lean on a pillow

cat making noise while sleeping

If your cat is having trouble sleeping, try putting them in a comfortable spot and then giving them a pillow to lean on.

Not a human pillow, of course. A cat pillow or towel will work just as well!

Most cats love soft, comfortable places to sleep. If your kitty prefers a flat surface, try adding some towels or throws to make it more plush.

Some cats like to have something to paw at or stand on when they wake up. You can use pillows or blankets for this purpose.

If they like hanging out high up, get them a cat tree or hammock so they are comfortable while sleeping. These things are pricey, but there are lots of affordable ones that work just as well.

Give them a smaller bedding area

cat making noise while sleeping

If your cat is always clawing at their larger scratching post or cat tree, give them a smaller area to play in. A smaller post or a bunch of pads can inspire more playtime and use.

Cats love to chase things and play games, so a small bed where they have to work to cover it in scratches will entertain them for hours.

If you have the space, get them a tall scratching post with a bed at the base so they can nap there as well. This way, they will keep using it because of the different levels of interest.

A note: When moving to a smaller area, try to do it over several days so your kitty does not feel displaced or insecure.

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