Pit And Great Dane Mix

A Pitbull-derived mix is becoming more and more popular as time goes on. The most common mix to create is a Pitbull Terrier-Great Dane mix, also known as a Pitandane.

This is not a breed recognized by the American Kennel Club, however. Due to the growing popularity of this hybrid, some breeders have their own standards and guidelines on what qualifies a puppy to be a Pitandane.

Some of these include weight and size, coat type and color, and personality traits. Most require size overlap between the two breeds, which makes it hard to determine whether or not a dog is actually a Pitandane or not.

Many people are drawn to mixes due to the lower cost of the puppies compared to purebreds. Also, many people want dogs with similar traits (such as personality or looks) as their purebreds, but do not have the money to acquire them.


pit and great dane mix

When considering a dog, temperament is one of the most important factors. You want a dog that is not going to be aggressive or hostile towards people or other animals.

You also want a dog that is not going to be too timid or shy. You want your new companion to be confident and comfortable in various situations.

As mentioned before, American Pit Bull Terriers are often avoided by people due to negative stereotypes surrounding the breed. Because of this, many dogs born from this breed are adopted by owners who do not truly understand the breed nor know how to handle it.

Many of these dogs end up developing behavioral issues as a result. If you are considering an APBT, make sure you do your research and get the help of a professional to ensure you adopt a well-behaved dog.


pit and great dane mix

A dog’s personality is one of the most important factors when choosing a dog. You should be able to tell some personality traits of the dog before you meet them.

Some dogs are more shy or playful than others. Some are more outgoing or timid towards other animals and people. How you handle this can be important too.

If a dog is very playful, does that mean they will want to play outside for hours on end? Or are they the type that get tired quickly and like their naps? These things are important to know when considering whether or not to adopt them.

Mix breed dogs can have very different personalities due to which breeds were in their making. Some may be more dominant or submissive than others, some more attentive or lazy. Again, it is important to know these things before adopting so you can match them with the right family members.


When looking into what dog breed to get, size is always a major factor. How big will they get? How tall? How long?

Because of their larger bone structure, most Pit Bull Terriers are considered medium-sized dogs. Depending on the breed of Pit Bull Terrier, they can range from small to very large.

Since Great Danes are considered a very large breed, a Pit and Great Dane mix would most likely be medium to large-sized. This would depend on the proportion of each breed in the mix, however.

Because both of these breeds have strong jaw muscles, and this mix would most likely have strong jaw muscles as well due to genetics. This can be both a benefit and a drawback depending on your situation and use for the dog.

A Pit Bull Terrier can have stronger jaw muscles than a normal pit bull, for example, making it more dangerous when fighting other animals or in protection situations.

Mixes could occur

pit and great dane mix

Another reason people choose to breed dogs is to create a new breed by mixing two or more purebreds together. This is called breeding for a mix.

Some people want to create a dog that has particular looks or traits. For example, some people want to create a dog with the looks and temperament of a Labrador Retriever mixed with the looks and temperament of a German Shepherd Dog.

This is not possible unless you know someone who can genetically test canine DNA to see if such a mix could be created. Most places only test for purebred dogs, which makes it hard to identify such mixes.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of genetic testing, many mixed breeds are later diagnosed with health issues due to inbreeding. This is why it is important not to spay or neuter your pet until you have had them genetically tested for health issues.

Pit bull great dane mix

pit and great dane mix

A pit bull great dane mix is a very rare hybrid dog. Since both of these breeds are popular, it is unlikely you will encounter one in the real world.

If you are interested in adopting a dog, an online search will reveal many breed specific rescue organizations. These organizations list dogs by breed, so if you are looking for a pit bull great dane mix, you will not find one unless someone volunteers their dog!

As with any dog, it is important to do research before adoption. You want to make sure the dog fits into your lifestyle and family and that it will be treated well. Adopted dogs can have emotional baggage so some extra training may be needed.

Most dogs are mixed breeds so there is a low chance of getting two purebred dogs to produce a hybrid puppy. If you do want a purebred hybrid dog however, there are places that sell them but at a higher price.

Create a pit bull great dane mix

pit and great dane mix

If you are more interested in creating a pit bull great dane mix, then you will need to find a pit bull and Great Dane mate. Once the dog is born, it will be hard to tell what the puppy looks like.

Pup looks can be deceiving as some little dogs have very distinct features that make them look bigger than they really are. It can also be hard to determine what breed a puppy is if it is not of a specific breed.

Many times, shelters and rescues will hold dogs for potential adopters based on their interest in specific breeds. This way, they can ensure the best match for their home and for the pup or dog to settle in and feel comfortable.

If you are looking for a specific breed mix, your best bet is to ask the rescue or shelter staff if they have any puppies or dogs that match your description.

Advice for owners

pit and great dane mix

If you own a Pit Bull type dog, or any other dog that is targeted by legislation, you should be extra careful with your dog. If your dog is well-behaved, socialized, and trained, you will have less to worry about.

The best way to prevent tragic incidents is to educate people about dogs. If people understand how to approach a dog and how to communicate with a dog, situations will be much safer.

Dogs are considered property so it is up to you to ensure your safety when you are around them. The best way to do this is by knowing how to recognize canine behavior.

If a Pit Bull type dog gets agitated or excited, they can become dangerous. It is important to know the signs of passive agitation and how to defuse the situation before it gets out of hand.

Training tips

pit and great dane mix

When it comes to training your Great Dane Pit Bull mix, the same rules apply. You need to be firm and consistent when giving commands.

The dog must understand that you mean business. If not, then they will not understand the command and therefore not obey it.

You must also repeat the command often so that your dog gets used to responding to them. This helps strengthen the bond between you two as well. When your dog knows that a command will result in a reward, they will be more likely to obey them!

Training can take a while, so do not get frustrated quickly. Keep going and keep repeating commands until your dog understands what you want them to do!

They may act differently at the vet’s office or when there are new people around, so training them for these situations is a must.

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