Cat Splashes Water Out Of Bowl

Sometimes, you have to admire an animal’s natural instinct. A dog will chase after and find its owner, or at least someone it knows, but what about when they don’t? What if there was no one around for them to go to?

Well, that is exactly what happened with this kitty cat in China. He was just minding his own business doing some casual sun bathing before he noticed something lapping water off the edge of the bowl. At first he thought it might be another kitten trying to drink so he tried to get closer to see what was going on, but then he realized it wasn’t like any other kitten he had ever seen before!

It was definitely not human related as it didn’t growl or make any kind of noise and it seemed pretty calm overall, but still he couldn’t help but stick his paw out and take a good look. Then, all of a sudden, the cat jumped straight up into the air and crashed down onto the ground right next to him!

He must have been startled because immediately he started meowing very loudly and rubbing himself against the side of the pool area where he could feel dirt and grass between his pads which made him uncomfortable.

They love to play with their owners

cat splashes water out of bowl

If your cat loves to play in water, then they probably enjoy chasing or catching floating toys. Unfortunately, these games can sometimes turn into a disastrous situation for them.

A few weeks ago, our dog got thirsty so we let him out to go to the bathroom outside. When he came back in, he told us that there was a kitten in the yard!

He took off after it, but soon realized something wasn’t quite right. The puppy didn’t look like it had any food or drink, and its nose was dripping wet.

It must have been trying to suckle on some milk from one of the other kittens in the house, because almost all of its body liquid had escaped. But instead of helping it, the pooch made a beeline towards the pool and dived in after it!

Within minutes, the cat was gone. And unfortunately, the puppy never regained consciousness and died a week later.

This story has a pretty shocking ending, but what about before? Were there warning signs that could have saved the cat’s life?

Sadly, yes – and they show just how dangerous cats can be when playing in water. A couple months ago, another friend shared her experience about a similar incident.

Her two-year-old female cat loved swimming, so she would always try to get into the pond next door whenever possible.

They love to play with each other

cat splashes water out of bowl

When your cat is showing interest in something, they will try to do it more often or spend more time doing it. If you notice that his or her paws are wet when they go outside or if you see them playing with water, then there has been a splash!

Cats enjoy being playful so if you see this behavior, give their friend a pat and tell him or her how cute she/he is!

Does your dog look like he or she wants to take a bath after going for a stroll? Or does the rain make them happy? Then don’t worry about whether or not your cat gets dry when she goes out!

Hopefully you’ve noticed a difference in your kitten’s behavior since you gave him or her a new family member, but one thing may be sticking out to you – how much they loved interacting with the baby animal.

They love to do tricks

cat splashes water out of bowl

Many cats are very intelligent animals, which is why they enjoy doing tricks. These tricks can be anything from jumping off a sofa onto your lap, rolling around or swimming in a water bowl.

If you notice your cat performing a trick in the house, it’s best to give them some praise and see if they will repeat it. For example, if your cat jumps off of a table, try sitting down at that table so they feel comfortable using it as a jump box.

Since most cats were born with natural instincts, it is important to let them work through their processes. This way, you can help them learn how to connect more naturally with other creatures, and themselves.

However, there is one thing about playing in the water that may not be safe for some cats. That being urinary incontinence!

Fortunately, this doesn’t seem to be an issue for many short term potbellied Persian kittens. But what about older, heavier kitties?

Luckily, there are several products designed just for that! Check out our list here to see if any apply to your dog or cat.

They are very curious

cat splashes water out of bowl

If your cat is constantly looking at you with those big eyes, she may be trying to tell you something!

Most cats spend most of their time exploring themselves or watching what other things around them do. When they look up towards you, it’s usually because they want some type of interaction; maybe food, playtime, or just plain old conversations.

When your furry friend looks you in the eye and then proceeds to drop her front paw into the water and watch it ripple for more than five seconds, she might be asking you to join her!

It’s totally okay if your little buddy wants to have a conversation with you! But remember, even though this seems like an innocent behavior, dropping paws in water can actually cause health problems for some feline patients.

So before reaching out to take her paw, make sure that the water is not contaminated and/or check with your veterinarian about potential symptoms.

They always want to try something new

cat splashes water out of bowl

If you look around your house, what kind of things do you see? For example, if you have kids, they’ll probably ask for toys that you don’t use anymore or foods that are way outside their normal diet.

That’s how most cats got where they are today!

Most people say that kittens are cute because they play so hard, but some kittens may be trying a little too hard. That can actually hurt them in the long run.

When puppies play, they usually learn good habits like playing with other dogs, going back home when told, and using appropriate toys.

But sometimes adult animals get carried away when playing. Sometimes they injure themselves or another animal by doing something wrong or taking it too far.

Cat splashing is one such behavior. And although it seems funny at first, cat splashings can cause great harm to your pet.

They are very independent

cat splashes water out of bowl

Most cats will try to get out of the water if you pull them down, but they will usually climb back in when you let go. Some even love being wet!

Some experts say that this instinct comes from felines experiencing it as a young kitten. Kittens who are born into a house environment with dry food and beds that they use for shelter may learn that life is good when they are surrounded by things they like and are protected by walls and doors.

As they grow up, their protective instincts can be carried over into more advanced stages of life. This could make some cats reluctant to leave the safety of the home or enclosure they are in.

However, other studies claim that this behavior is linked to feline cutaneous (skin) sensitivity to water. Since some individuals are naturally more reactive to external stimuli than others, different people respond differently to the same situation depending on whether or not they have an innate fear of water.

This would explain why one cat might enjoy a bath while another one does not. It also means that some cats need to be trained to accept water as part of their lifestyle rather than taught away from it.

They are very stubborn

cat splashes water out of bowl

Sometimes, even with all your efforts to get them to drink water, they just will not do it. This can be really frustrating as you try to help them!

If you ever see your cat drinking some water but then throwing the bottle away, she may be trying to tell you something!

She may feel that there’s no more water in the bottles, so she doesn’t want to waste any of it by pouring it down herself. Or perhaps she feels thirsty after having only drank a few drops, and now she needs to take a good long drink, but there aren’t too many bottles left.

This could also be because she is hungry and isn’t sure if there’s anything for her to eat next time she goes out, or maybe she wants to use the bathroom and there’s nothing to put in her mouth.

They love to eat

cat splashes water out of bowl

In fact, many zoologists say that cats are born hungry. As they grow up, however, their appetite decreases- which is why it can be hard to find them eating anything besides milk or birds!

When they are very young, kittens need about 4–5% of their body weight in food every day. This proportion usually drops as they get older. By the time they are adults, only 1–2% of their body weight is needed per meal.

However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t like what they are fed! Many individuals claim that their cat loves most foods and eats well.

This isn’t always the case though. Some cats were never really exposed to certain types of meat, for example, so they don’t know how to prepare it. Or, maybe their parents didn’t give them enough raw meat when they were little, making them feel insecure around other animals.

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