Corona is chasing the American president.. 2nd time in 10 days

Corona is chasing the American president

US President Joe Biden is again confirmed to be infected with Covid-19. Because of this he has isolated himself. Earlier, Joe Biden was diagnosed with mild symptoms on July 21. Following this, he isolated himself and received treatment. In this case, while he was said to have recovered within a week, Joe Biden was again tested for corona three days ago. In the end, it was revealed that he was not infected. The doctors said that due to this, he will be able to come out of isolation and do regular work.

He then held key talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping over the phone. The discussion lasted for more than 2 hours. The issue of Taiwan and the trade relationship between the two countries were discussed in this. After the inauguration of Joe Biden, the leaders of the two countries have not yet engaged in a direct meeting, but both agreed to hold a direct meeting soon.

Corona is chasing the American president

In this case, as a precautionary measure, Joe Biden was tested for Covid again yesterday, and the result was positive for Corona. In this regard, the President’s special physician, Kevin O’Connor, has issued a statement. In that, there is no need to give any treatment to the principal at present. Such changes may be due to recovery from injury. So, we are keeping a close eye on him.

Joe Biden posted a video on Twitter about his second concussion. In which he said, ‘I got the positive result again. I am fine. However, considering the impact of others, I will work from home.

The spread of the mutated coronavirus continues to be high in the United States. With a daily average of around one lakh cases, the severity of the infection is low. As of now, around 39 lakh people are being treated for coronavirus in the country.

In this environment, the spread of monkeypox has also started intensifying there. A state of health emergency has been declared in various provinces as around 5,000 cases are reported daily.

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