Great Dane Mix With Pitbull

A lot of dog owners look to tell their stories about the different breeds they have that prove what good companions they are. They talk about how their pooch has shown them love for most of its life, or how they feel confident having this breed as part of the family.

Something many people don’t share is the story behind the mix they own. It is not always the case that you will find it online or even at some shelters where people go to adopt pets.

Some dogs just happen!

A few years ago, Pat and I were walking our dogs in the neighborhood when we noticed two very lovable looking puppies playing together. The pit bull was trying to get away but the other puppy wouldn’t let her.

We called over one of the adults who lived across from us so she could take care of the pups while we walked home. When we got there, we found out that these two puppies belonged to someone who had left town suddenly.

The owner hadn’t wanted either pup anymore and gave them up. Fortunately, the adult took them in immediately and raised them until they were ready to be adopted. Because of his kindness, we now have two beautiful sisters.

They play really well with each other and sleep next to each other too.

The great dane mix with pitbull

There are two major reasons why dog owners choose to add a new puppy into their pack. One is because they want a specific type of dog, and the other is due to lack of confidence in being able to manage an older dog.

With that said, adding a young pup can be the best thing for you if you need help feeling more confident in your ability to take care of a mature dog.

A lot of people believe that since dogs are animals then they automatically know how to behave around them. This isn’t always the case.

Dogs do not understand social cues when it comes to other species or types of pets, so unless you are very careful, your dog may act inappropriately towards another animal or person.

History of the mix-breed

great dane mix with pitbull

The pit bull is one of the most recognizable dog breeds in the world. They have been around for over 200 years! However, before that they were not well known or recognized.

The history of the pit bull goes back to early America when working dogs such as mastiffs would be bred with smaller, shorter haired terriers like the American Staffordshire Terrier. These mixed breed dogs were tough and protective of their territories and family members.

These types of dogs became popular due to their strength and work ethic. People began breeding these dogs more aggressively and adding longer hair to hide any underbellies or weaknesses. In fact, some say that the long coat helped mask any weak points by hiding what was underneath!

In 1840, the first recorded picture of a pit bull was taken in England. This particular dog had an owner who trained him to protect his home and family from intruders. Unfortunately, this did not last and the dog was put down. It took another 50 years until the next documented image of a pit bull was made. This time it was done in France.

Since then, the name “pit bull” has stuck and many people associate it with only one thing: aggression. Many claim that this reputation is false because not all are raised with socialization and training. Some even allege that the term “pit bull” is just a marketing tool used to make money off of aggressive animals.

Health concerns with the mix-breed

great dane mix with pitbull

While it is true that pit bulls are not necessarily bad dogs, there are several health issues related to owning a dog of this breed. They can be tricky to manage when house training or grooming time comes around as they may need more help than most other breeds.

Some people believe that the very long legs of the pit bull make for an excellent companion. However, some weight limits have been set on how large of a dog you can own due to potential health risks. The longer leg bones can cause knee problems in certain sizes, making walking difficult.

Overall quality of life will decrease if you decide to keep this type of dog as a pet. This includes mental health effects like depression and anxiety caused by the lack of socialization.

Given all these reasons, we cannot recommend owning a pit bull as a puppy. Or at least, not until your veterinarian has given their full blessing! Your doctor can tell whether or not giving them a home is a good fit by looking at their medical records and talking to past owners.

Mix-breeds are not a good idea

great dane mix with pitbull

A mix breed is not an ideal dog choice unless you know what kind of dogs they are! The number one thing that different breeds have in common is that they are bred for specific purposes. A German Shepard is designed to work as a search and rescue dog, for example. They are also trained to be protective of things such as children or other animals.

A Chow Chum is bred to hunt game so they will try to take down bigger animals. A King Charles Spaniel was designed to track and find buried treasures, so it learns how to use its nose to do this. All these breeds were selected because of their unique traits and what well being they promote.

When you get a mixed breed dog, you lose out on the benefits of some of those features. For instance, a German Shepherd can be very motivating for people who need help getting into shape, but your dog may feel tired after a workout. A longer walk might motivate them more than it would someone with a shorter temperment.

You could also find yourself struggling to teach your new dog behaviors due to it not understanding why it should learn something else. It has no set pattern it follows when teaching tricks or exercises, which makes it hard to reproduce the behavior at another time, place or person.

Ways to housebreak a mix-breed

great dane mix with pitbull

When you adopt an adult dog, it is your responsibility to housetrain them! This means finding a home for them where they will be comfortable living in and educating them on how to get around common rooms and areas.

It can be tricky to know what kind of dogs are more reactive or aggressive towards other animals. If this is the case with your new dog, do not bring them into any room or area that has another animal until both dogs have been trained enough to handle interactions. This could take weeks depending on the individual dog’s personality.

When looking at homes as potential residences for your new canine friend, make sure they have adequate space to roam around outside as well as indoor toys and supplies. Make sure their yard is safe and secure so your great dane won’t escape or be able to run away if needed.

Since most pit bulls are considered to be intelligent, giving them familiar objects suchas rugs, blankets, and beds helps ease housetraining. Allowing them access to food and water also help promote healthy pooping and drinking habits.

Spend time with them

great dane mix with pitbull

All dog breeds are unique, so it is important to give each one of these dogs a chance to show you who they are. If you find that a breed does not appeal to you or has given you issues, try to spend less time with them to see if this changes your mind.

Many people begin thinking about adopting a puppy before knowing how much time their new pet will need. Starting early can prevent over-sensitization due to spending too much time with a pup that needs more attention.

The same goes for older pets! Many owners get tired of their dog’s behaviors as he/she gets older, but since most dogs reach eight years old and up, being understanding and tolerant of any behavior can help prepare you for longer lasting relationships.

Never underestimate the power of a well trained gentle leader! A great dane mix could be the next big thing, and there are ways to know when it’s ready for its closeup.

Don’t let them roam the house

great dane mix with pitbull

When you get great dane puppies, they can be very playful and active at a young age. They need to learn how to contain their energy though as these large dogs will never really settle down.

Dogs like this can become too active or rambunctious when they are adults, which is why some people choose not to own one. This could hurt your relationship with the dog if you want to play an important role in his life once he reaches adulthood.

As owners of a pit bull mix, I would recommend limiting its activity to prevent any behavioral issues in the future. A gentle leader, a pit bull pup needs to understand that it has limits on how much running around and playing it gets to do.

It also needs to know that it cannot go outside without someone being there to supervise. These two things alone are enough to prevent most dogs from engaging in bad behaviors.

Make them a part of your family

great dane mix with pitbull

While some people may not like mixing breeds, it is actually very popular! More and more dog owners are choosing to give mixed breed dogs a chance because they know what to look for in terms of behaviors.

Studies show that mixed-breed dogs are just as likely to be socialized as other breeds, if not more so. This means that these dogs can easily find homes where they will meet all necessary behavioral requirements.

However, before you add a mix to your collection, there are several things you should consider. The first being how well each breed gets along with others. If you notice any signs of aggression or separation anxiety in one animal, then chances are high that feature would carry over into the next stage in their life.

Second, make sure that the two animals are an appropriate size for each other. A large dog matching up with a small dog example, or a big dog meeting a smaller dog does not work. Only match up pairs that feel comfortable together and that have fun interacting with each other.

Third, be conscious about why you want to own both types of dogs. Are you looking to show off their beauty or do you hope to win prizes by introducing a new breed? All of those reasons are great, but making a dog suffer due to poor behavior is not.

Hopefully this article has discussed some important points about owning a mix dog.

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