Internxt Lifetime Appsumo Deal for $49

Appsumo Internxt
Appsumo Internxt

Appsumo Internxt Review & Price: AppSumo offers most of the useful software tools in deal every week. Using this opportunity any entrepreneur, small organization, and freelancers can develop their business. Likewise, Internxt is a tool that is in the deal available this week in AppSumo.

Internxt is a zero-knowledge cloud storage service based on complete privacy and uncompromising security. You can use this tool when you are looking for a way to store all of your information in a secure cloud-based platform that you can access from anywhere. It will be a Zero-knowledge encryption for maximum-security cloud storage.

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Appsumo Internxt
Appsumo Internxt

All of the files you upload to Internxt are client-side encrypted and then fragmented into small pieces, or shards. Each data shard is then securely stored around the world with distribution technology. Only you have the key and you can retrieve the fragmentation files.

Internxt Features

Internxt comes complete with a variety of services for your stored information. You can use Internxt Drive, Photos, Send, and all the features which they update in future. The intuitive interface helps you keep track of all of your information, so you don’t waste time digging around. The main features of the tool Internxt include

  • Securely store and share documents and pictures in the cloud with zero-knowledge encryption
  • Access your information from anywhere, on any device

This tool Internxt suits best for Photographers, finance teams, and solopreneurs who want secure cloud storage for their sensitive information. Also, this will be the best alternative tool to Tresorit and Sync.

With Internxt, all your files can be shared super easily, and they’ll enjoy the same level of encryption as your storage. For sharing the photos, you just copy the link to the file you want to share, and the link recipients will be able to log in and find the file themselves.

Buy AppSumo Internxt Lifetime Deal for $49!

The tool features apps for desktop, web browser, iOS, and Android, so you’ll be able to access your cloud storage from almost any device. Internxt offers auto-upload for iOS and Android devices, so your pictures are safe even after your phone throws itself down those concrete steps.

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Internxt Pricing

Thus, the tool Internxt gives you zero-knowledge encryption in an easy-to-use cloud storage platform, including apps for just about every device. The actual price of the tool Internxt is $135.00 but AppSumo offers it in a deal for low price $49 which will be a lifetime offer for a limited period of time.

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