My Cat Smells Like Poop

As most of you know, my cat Zuzu has always loved to sniff everything around her- including other animals! She will try to get as close to them as possible to smell their fur or even nuzzle with them for a few seconds before moving away.

It is very cute to watch, but it can be annoying when she does not make this subtle switch until later and then you have to clean all these things up.

She also loves going outside and exploring so she will sometimes meet another dog or a rabbit who doesn’t like being approached and/or smelled so she will back off.

At times though, her behavior gets a little more intense. When I say “intense”, I mean really freaking out!

I have found that if I take her somewhere for a couple minutes and then we go back inside, she will usually calm down and let me put her in her carrier or crate.

However, what happens once we are home and she needs to go OUT again is completely different!

If I leave the door open just a crack, she will start walking towards it and trying to push it open (she is extremely strong).

She has to go to the vet

my cat smells like poop

Even though your cat seems happy and playful, she needs to visit the doctor when her health is being compromised or she may not survive. Yours could be making herself sick by eating too much of an inappropriate food or ingesting something that was wrong for her to eat.

Older cats can sometimes develop serious kidney disease due to poor nutrition. If your older cat is acting lethargic and having trouble getting around, they should be seen by the veterinarian right away.

It’s very important to take your pet to the dentist every six months, but it’s even more crucial for senior dogs and cats. Their gums can start to suffer if you don’t get them checked out, which can lead to infection.

If your dog or cat gets really skinny, it might be because they are suffering from nutritional issues. They need to be put back onto their normal diet, and new foods have to be tried so they will eventually feel better.

She has a parasite


As mentioned before, your cat may have an internal parasitic worm that is causing it to smell like poo. If this is the case, it can be tricky to identify what smells worse: their poop or themself!

If you are ever made aware of such a situation, try as hard as possible not to react in disgust. A good way to do this is by thinking about something else. For example, maybe you’ve heard your dog was hit by a car, and there’s nothing you can do for him.

But instead of feeling sad, you should feel happy because he had to suffer for a little while longer. The same goes for someone who passed away-you should mourn their loss, but at the same time feel grateful for their life. Yours just happened to last 15 minutes more.

Your body naturally produces chemicals when things like poos, blood, or tissue come into contact with it. When these occur, our bodies usually respond by having a reaction.

For instance, when we eat food, digestive juices are produced which help us process the meal later. And when we’re exposed to bacteria or viruses, immune systems fight back.

However, in cases where there is no natural reaction, something abnormal happens. This is why people sometimes describe how some substances taste different than normal. Or they might say that their skin feels funny or prickly.

When a parasite dies, it releases molecules called cytokines.

She ate some rat poison


While most cats are pretty picky about what they will eat, there are times when one might accidentally put something in their mouth that makes them feel sick or even dead. For example, if your cat was exposed to cleaning products such as bleach, you may find that she has trouble swallowing and is often dry-heaving (vomiting).

If your cat seems reluctant to drink, try soaking a cotton ball in plain water and holding it under her nose for a few seconds. If she takes a little bit of the liquid, then perhaps she’s just thirsty!

I have also heard stories where people say that their cat suddenly got very friendly with another cat, but then several days later, the other cat disappears without a trace. It is possible that these encounters made your cat feel threatened and so she attacked the other cat.

Never force your dog or cat to take a meal; instead, check to see if they are hungry by asking them every couple hours whether they would like to eat.

She needs to get a clean bill of health

my cat smells like poop

I have tried everything! I’ve changed her food, given her supplements, put her through different levels of baths, you name it, we’ve done it. Nothing seems to work for long.

I even took her to the vet once and they gave me some tips that didn’t seem to help much at all so I almost forgot about it. Until recently though.

My cat has been acting weird lately. For one, she never wants to be petted or kissed. Even when my husband tries to give her a good scratch or kiss, she pulls away quickly with a low growl.

She also doesn’t eat anything either. We try giving her special treats like chicken or fish but she just looks at them and then throws them out somewhere. If I hold her while she’s eating, she’ll sometimes spit something out and then look around as if trying to find where it went.

Her poops are another thing. They’re always very yellow and there’s hardly any blood in them. Sometimes there is a little bit but mostly not. And her stools don’t seem firm and well shaped; they’re more like liquidy diarrhea.

All these symptoms together make me worry sick because I know what poor health can do to a kitty. It can cause death. So I wanted to do something about it immediately.

She needs to get rid of the poop

my cat smells like poop

If your cat is constantly smelling her own feces, she may need help passing a stool. This could be because she does not feel well or has symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, or weight loss.

It also can mean that something else in their system isn’t working properly.

If you notice your dog acting nervous or agitated when they go out, it’s probably due to a bowel movement. Similarly, if your pet is trying to hold themselves up for an extended period of time, looks pale or has droopy eyes, chances are they have pooped and are waiting for them to come down.

This can sometimes cause anxiety since animals don’t usually wait this long unless they’re really upset or physically sick.

Luckily, there are some things you can do as a owner to help make this happen more quickly.

She needs to change her litter box

my cat smells like poop

Changing your cat’s litter box can be tricky at first, but it will eventually get easier. When you begin looking for a new litter box, make sure it is not too big or small and that there are adequate amounts of lids and trays.

Your new litter box should be in a quiet area away from other sounds such as traffic. Try putting it in another room so your cat does not have to go outside to use it.

If your current litter box becomes unusable, try buying a new one online or look into getting some free ones at local animal shelters.

Never put used litter boxes in with new litter as this could cause health problems for your cat! If needed, take him/her to the vet immediately.

She needs to practice cleaning her paws

my cat smells like poop

The hardest part about owning a cat is learning how to deal with their pooping issues. If you are ever confronted with an accident, try to give these dogs some time before grabbing any towels or sprays.

If possible, take your dog outside so they can go out and play while you handle this for them. This way, they will have more motivation to let go!

You can also use a plastic bag or paper towel to pick up any feces that may be available. Never put your hand in someone’s waste, even if it looks like there isn’t too much of it!

Never spray anything on animal droppings as this could cause health problems for you or your house. There are natural products such as clumping litter which contain chemicals that help reduce odor. These types of litters should always be given away free of charge since animals cannot self-clean properly without being exposed to proper amounts of purifying enzymes.

There are many natural remedies

Many people assume that your cat will try to get rid of her waste by using the litter box or taking care of their pooping habits, but what if she doesn’t?

Some cats simply don’t like the smell of poop so they never attempt to use a litterbox or take care of their business. This can be tricky to identify because some days your kitty may go in the bathroom more frequently than others, and she might seem hungry instead of sleepy when you let her out the door!

If you find yourself at a loss as to why your cat is not using the litterbox and/or going outside for a potty break then it is time to look into potential causes.

The reason your cat isn’t doing anything about her bowel movements could be due to any number of things, so here are some possible reasons, along with some tips on how to help her.

Disclaimer: These health issues are very common and doable treatments, however, there are no guarantees that them if works wonders for your specific situation. Speak to your doctor about whether these strategies are appropriate for your pet and see if there are other alternatives available to help.

There is no one way to treat every case, which is why it is important to consult with your veterinarian. They may suggest trying one thing before moving onto another, or they may recommend performing an internal checkup to make sure your feline friend is still functioning normally.

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