WhatsApp to be discontinued in October on Apple mobiles. Why?


WhatsApp recently sent a shocking message to Apple users. Whether that’s shocking news to you or not depends on which model of Apple iPhone you’re using.

Because it has announced that WhatsApp will not work only for certain models of iPhones from October 24. In particular, it has been announced that WhatsApp will not work on all iPhones running iOS 10 and iOS 11 OS. In this regard, WhatsApp is constantly sending messages to users asking them to update their operating systems. It has been mentioned that WhatsApp will work only for those who update to the latest Apple OS by October 24 and WhatsApp will stop working for those who do not.

WhatsApp to be discontinued in October on Apple mobiles

And in their help center, Apple has also announced that iPhone WhatsApp users must have iOS 12. But WhatsApp will not work from October 24 for those who have not updated. For those who cannot update, it is better to take a backup of their data. 

Who is affected?
While this announcement is shocking, what’s even better is that the issue is limited to only two iPhone models. They are Apple iPhone Model 5 and iPhone 5c. Both these models still run on iOS 10 and iOS 11 base, so WhatsApp does not work on them.

But if these users update their OS by October 24 then there is no problem. If not, the WhatsApp company has clearly announced that WhatsApp will not work
So these users need to go to Settings and update to the latest OS in Software Update.

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