YouTube channels will be blocked for plotting against India – Central Government

YouTube channels

The Union Minister issued the warning just days after 20 YouTube channels and two websites were shut down for spreading fake news and comments against India. On December 21, the federal government shut down a total of 20 YouTube channels and two websites.

These sites had disabled for allegedly acting against Indian sovereignty. The federal government took all possible action against the allegations, claiming that the sites had coordinated and operating from Pakistan. They were spreading misinformation about key issues in the country, such as Kashmir, the peasant struggle, and the Ram Temple.

In a statement issued last month, the Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting said, “The Punch Line, International Web News, Kalsa TV, and The Naked Truth, 48 News, Pixons, Historical Channels like Facts, Punjab Viral, Naya Pakistan Global, Cover Story, Go Global had disabled.

YouTube channels

These 20 YouTube channels have more than 35 lakh followers. And the videos of these channels had more than 55 crore views.

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Anurag Thakur said, “Action has been taken against YouTube sites and websites that act against the interests of the country.

In the future too, steps will taken to prevent any account of conspiracy against India. Those who are spreading lies and dividing the society. YouTube has taken action against such individuals, “said Tariq al-Hashimi, the party’s secretary-general.

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