Bigg Boss 2 Tamil Episode 10 Update: Owner-Servant Task

Bigg Boss 2 Tamil

Bigg Boss Tamil 2: The second week of Bigg Boss 2 Tamil has been started. The new captain of the house is Nithya who was the one hated by the housemates in the first week. Still, the team for cooking, cleaning and vessel washing was not splitting.

In today’s episode, there arises a problem among girls because of Ponnambalam’s abuse words towards girls. Then the Bigg Boss gave the task for points. In the task, the male housemates were the king and the female housemates were a servant. Each male contestant should select a servant among female contestant.

The show went smoothly initially. The young people of the house has taken this task in a sportive manner as they aimed to get more points. But the senior members of the house Mumtaz and Mamathi refused to do some work as their ego works there. According to the show, it is just a task to be performed to get more points. But people took this in serious. So there comes the problem.

The Bigg Boss called Dani and asked him to discuss among other contestants and want to tell Bigg Boss, the contestant who did not perform the task well. The discussion went on and finally, Dani said Mumtaz and Mamati are the contestant failed to do the given task properly. The episode ends there.

The contestant who was nominated for the second-week elimination is Ananth Vaidyanathan, Mamathi Chari, Mumtaz and Ponnambalam. People can save their favourite contestant in this reality show Bigg Boss 2 Tamil by voting them. Voting can be done in the google search of “Bigg Boss Tamil 2”.

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